Orange Spherical Silica Gel in Delhi

April 02, 2021 15 people Latest news

Orange Spherical Silica Gel

In the form of spherical or irregularly-shaped grains, the gel is currently presented orange or yellow. With silicon dioxide as the chief ingredient, the product performs all the functions of indicator, and its color varies as humidity changes;
Mainly for drying and indicating humidity of precision instruments, medicine, petrol chemicals, foodstuff, clothing, leather, electric appliances, musical instruments, other industrial gases, etc
Put proper amounts in a suitable container or package and set the container or package where drying or humidity indication is needed. This gel can be used independently or in combination with other types of silica gel. After changing color as a result of absorbing dampness, the gel can be reused after heating to change back to its pre-use color. Heating is most suitable between 100-120 degrees.

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