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Aquablue white silica gel sachets

May 08, 2021 42 people Latest news


Silica gel is often found in tiny white sachets at the bottom of a shoe box or inside a new handbag. More often than not, people end up throwing away the sachets not knowing that they can use them for other purposes. They can save you the smell in your gym backpack or help your phone dry out fast when accidentally or deliberately tossed in water. Research online shows that they can be used to: Dry out a wet phone Phone tumbled down the toilet? Don’t panic. Just get a few silica packets; remove the case, battery, SIM card and SD card (if there was one inside) then set them aside. Place the phone in a bowl filled with silica gel packets to dry out the moisture. Wait for at least 24 hours before switching your phone back on. VISIT FOR MORE HERE: www.aquablue.in

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