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Aquablue is manufacturer of Silica Gel CrystalSilica Gel BeadsSilica Gel PouchCat litter Silica GelChromatography Silica GelContainer DesiccantActivated Alumina Ball

Blue Silica gel

Blue Silica gel is semi-transparent glassy crystals used for moisture absorbent.Price 90 Rs/Kg

White Silica gel

White Silica gel is semi-transparent glassy crystals used as moisture absorbent.Price 60 Rs/Kg

Orange Silica Gel

Orange Silica gel is semi-transparent glassy crystals used as moisture absorbent.Price 97 Rs/Kg

Silica Gel Pouch/ sachets

Silica gel sachets or bags, are simply flexible ‘containers ‘ of silica gel. Price 75 Rs/Kg

Container Desiccant

AQUA-DRY Container Desiccant is a specially formulated desiccant product by our R&D Department which is widely used in Container / Cargo to protect product damage from moisture effect.Price 120 Rs/Kg

Chromatography Silica Gel

We have started manufacturing of Column Chromatography Silica Gel which is used in purification of various components such as proteins, vitamins, hormones, antibodies, virus etc.Price 160 Rs/Kg

Cat Litter Silica Gel

We are manufacturer of Cat Litter Silica Gel. Our Crystallized cat litters are mixture of white and blue silica gel which has low bulk density less than 500 gm/m3 which can absorb 100% litter of its weight.Price 65 Rs/Kg

Silica Gel Beads White/Blue/Orange

AQUABLUE has occupied level of trusted supplier and exporter of silica gel beads white/blue/orange. we are major importer of silica gel beads in india.silica gel beads is available in round spherical shape.Price 170 Rs/Kg

Activated Alumina Ball

AquaSorb is product comes under activated alumina ball categories. Activated Alumina Ball is formulated from aluminum hydroxide by dehydroxylating process. Price 120 Rs/Kg

Silica gel can be used to protect a variety of items from moisture. The list below represents some commonly protected items.

  • Tool boxes
  • Storage containers
  • Safes and vaults
  • Silver drawer
  • Firearms
  • Photos
  • Stored vehicles
  • Cargo holds on RVs, boats, etc
  • Collectibles (stamps, coins, etc.)
    • 3.8/5 (22 Reviews)
  • Computer
  • Metal and machine parts
  • Industrial equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals and vitamins
  • Electronics
  • Military instruments
  • Circuit Boards
  • Documents
  • Instruments
    • 3.8/5 (22 Reviews)
  • Photographic equipment and film
  • Foodstuffs
  • Batteries
  • Pet foods
  • Optical devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Leather products
  • Textiles
  • Seeds
    • 3.8/5 (22 Reviews)