Quality Silicagel

Quality-assured range from leading manufacturer of Silica Gel,

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Silica Gel, which is non-hazardous and is capable of adsorbing 40% of its weight in water vapor at 100% humidity. For more info visit us at www.aquablue.in…

Desiccant manufacturers

Desiccant Manufacturers in India

Desiccants are an ideal humidity controller for coins, gun safes, cameras, tools, etc. Aquablue Silica gel desiccants prevent moisture related problems before they begin, creating a protective shield of dry air within any enclosed storage area. Silica gel desiccants are easily reactivated and can provide a lifetime of protection.
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Silicagel for Dry Flowers

Silica Gel for Dry Flowers.
Moisture is the main enemy of any collection. With their low cost, Aquablue silica gel and clay desiccants are the best choice for protection from moisture. Visit www.aquablue.in for more detail.
Available in Chennai, Pune, Kochi, New Delhi, Hydrabad, Chandigadh, Indore, Manglore, Bhopal, Varansi, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Agra, Kanpur, Nagpur, Vadodara, Lucknow, Patna, Vishakhapattanam, Thiruvananthpuram, Allahabad, Surat, Jaipur,…

Silicagel for Chromatography process

Silica gel for chromatography process, Supplier in India.
Aquablue is the Manufacturer, Supplier & also the Exporter of Silica Gel for Column Chromatography. We can offer Silica Gel for Column Chromatography of chromatography grade. Silica Gel for Column Chromatography can be supplied in various mesh size such as 30-70, 60-120, 70-230, 100-200, 200-300, 230-400, finer than 400, etc.

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Cat litter Silicagel

Aquablue Silica gel cat litter.
Silica gel cat litter is also called cat sand can absorb all excrement and urine of pets and peculiar smell given off from them. They can also control the growth of bacterium and keep the surface of the litter dry and clean, so the pets may live in a safe and sanitary environment. At the same…

Use of Silicagel

Use of Silica Gel

silica gel in thermal power plant. Silica Gel is mainly used as a Desiccant, Moisture Adsorbents and Rust inhibitors. ☻Leather and Garments ☻Electronics Industry ☻Hardware Industry ☻Textile Industry ☻Pharmaceutical Industry etc., ☻Column Chromatography View more at: www.aquabluesilicagel.com…

Silica Gel Beads

Aquablue Silica gel beads.
Silica gel beads also known as Round or Spherical Silica gel which is available in three different varieties. White Silica gel beads, Blue Silica gel beads and Orange Silica beads. www.aquablue.in,…

Silica Gel Packets

Silica Gel in Gujarat at pocket friendly prices.
Silica Gel Packets are available in Non Woven Cloth and Tyvek Paper. We supply Silica gel sachets of White Silica Gel (Non Indicating Silica Crystals), Blue Silica Gel (Indicating Silica Crystals) and Silica Gel Beads.
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Indicating Silica Gel

Best range of silica gel with effective & timely delivery.
Aquablue Silica Gel manufacturer in Gujarat have been able to trade and supply highly effective Silica Gel. Aquablue in Gujarat is formulated using top quality chemical substances at our vendors with advanced processing unit in accordance with predefined industry norms.
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Silica Gel Desiccant

Silica Gel Desiccant is an amorphous form of synthetically manufactured silicon dioxide. Though it is referred to as a gel, it comes in the form of hard, translucent granules. What makes this desiccant so versatile is the fact that it absorbs molecules of water into its internal pores and leaves no by products or chemical reaction. This desiccant gel pack…