Silica Gel Blue

AQUABLUE is leading Manufacturer of Silica Gel Blue in India. Furthermore,it is semi-transparent glassy crystals use for moisture absorbent. It appears dark blue in color.In other words, it is known as self indicating Silica gel because it gives indication of color from blue to pink during its moisture absorption.

However,reason behind this color changing phenomena use of cobalt chloride but use of it banned in some countries. For example, european countries

Compared to white Silica gel only difference between both is only indication.

Otherwise both will function same in like manner.

However,the crystals absorb the moisture, it turns to light blue gradually then finally turn to pink.In other words, it means it is saturated.

Although,Its work but requires replacement or regeneration. Even when It is mainly use as indicator for the extent of dehumidification and moisture absorption in seal vessel or at some require places.

Use of Silica Gel Blue

  • Transformer Breather
  • Pharmaceuticals Industries
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Electronic equipments
  • Gas drying
  • oil purification
  • Leather Industires
  • air dehumidifiers


Technical Specification

Assay (as Sio2)Min 98%
Bulk Densityg/ml 0.55-0.70
PH4 – 8
Loss on Drying<6%
Adsorption capacity at 100% humidity34-38
Chloride( as Nacl)Max 0.4%
Cobalt (as Cobalt chloride)min 0.6
Sulphate(Na2So4)Max 0.5%
Particle Size(mm)1-3,3-4,3-8,5-8,9-16 16-30 30-100
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