Silica Gel for Sporting and Outdoor

February 19, 2021 11 people Latest news

Silica Gel for Sporting and Outdoor.
1) Use Silica Gel with any sports bag where moisture can be trapped. Common examples are swim bags, gym bags, footy boot bags, scuba, dive and wetsuit gear, golf bags, cricket bags, ski, snowboard, wakeboard and surfboard bags.
2) Ideal for use in motor homes, boats, caravans, awnings and tents to eliminate condensation. Use in closets, cupboards and cargo holds on motor homes and boats or hang them up in caravans, awnings and tents.
3) Protect your camping and tramping gear and equipment including clothing, footwear, back packs and climbing equipment.
4) Popular with fishermen to avoid rust in their tackle boxes.
5) Commonly used by hunters to preserve their guns in gun cases and ammo in ammunition boxes.

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