Type A B C White Silica Gel

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Type A B C White Silica Gel

Silica gel white, beaded or granular foam, that comes in many mesh and mm size for use in much industrial solution of the needed selectively adsorbency. The activated white silica gel has no smell or no taste, non-toxic and chemically no side effects take place, with its grate internal surface area which is able to adsorb the prodigious deal of moisture. The practical of white gel is non indicating, when it free from moisture, it goes to transparent white, without any change its shape and size.

White silica gel prefers to absorb water and other substantial quality containing HC1, CO2, gasoline hydrocarbons, nitrogen, sulfur and aromatics compounds with a high capacity of moisture. For this reason, white silica gel prevents moisture, damage, spoilage and growth of mold from packaging materials.

Silica gel crystals are always use in dry product even when they are saturated with water and it is the most famous desiccants that is been used from many applications such as compressed air dryers, dehumidification process, dehydrated foods, pharmaceuticals, electronics product packaging.

The household appliances, a dehumidifier which reduces the level of dew point of humidity in the surfacing air, with the use of silica gel white beds to eliminate odor, mold and mildew which are grow inside. We are providing the silica gel white beads in packets foam for the desiccant dehumidifier where the low dew point is required. Silica gel white beads are available in 2-5 mm, 3-5 mm, 5-8 mm with achieving the grate result of moisture absorption process


Type A - clear pellets, approximate pore diameter: 2.5 nm, drying and moisture proof properties, can be used as catalyst carriers, adsorbents, separators and variable-pressure adsorbent.

Type B - translucent white pellets, pore diameter: 4.5-7.0 nm, liquid adsorbents, drier and perfume carriers, also may be used as catalyst carriers, cat litter.

Type C - translucent, micro-pored structure, raw material for preparation of silica gel cat litter. Additionally dried and screened, it forms macro-pored silica gel which is used as drier, adsorbent and catalyst carrier.

Silica alumina gel - light yellow, chemically stable, flame-resistant, insoluble except in alkali or hydrofluoric acid. Superficial polarity, thermal stability, performance greater than fine-pored silica gel.

Stabilizing silica gel - non-crystalline micro-porous solid powder, nontoxic, flame-resisting, used in brewery of grains for beer to improve taste, clearness, color and foam, removal of non-micro-organism impurities.

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