AQUABLUE Silica gel desiccant features

April 30, 2021 13 people Latest news


AQUABLUE Silica gel desiccant features.

1. Besides moisture proof, it can also effectively prevent mildew, rust, oxidation and other conditions.
2. Fast moisture absorption, effective control of relative humidity, protect products from moisture.
3. Silica gel is chemically inert and will not have any negative effects on the product
4. Silica gel is odorless and odorless and poses no threat to health in accordance with the eu RoHS environmental protection directive.
5. Effective and high cost performance, and can be used repeatedly (it can be used again after being dried for 24 hours at 100℃-120℃)
6. Easy to use, just put in.
7. Shelf life is more than 12 months.

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