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Silica gel desiccant application

July 19, 2021 26 people Latest news

Silica gel desiccant application:

Silica gel desiccant is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, food, clothing, electrical and mechanical equipment, military, marine transportation and other industries.
It is used in products which can’t use oil seal or gaseous phase to seal up for keeping, such as optics instrument, electron products, leechdom health care, food packing, communications equipment, precision mechanism, semiconductor, war industry product and civilian industry product. It is used in above industry for dampproof and dehumidifying.

1. Consumer products (wardrobe, bedding, shoes, etc.)

2. Semiconductor, accurate apparatus, electron appliances, opticals equipment, household electrical appliances

3. Plastics

4. Steel industry

5. Food industry

6. Oversea shipment containers

Applied to package of shoes, garment, furniture, Military Use, Container, Electronic products, leather-wear, art ware, gift box, Jewel box, tea leaf box etc.

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