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Silica gel is a widely applied and highly popular desiccant

October 10, 2021 178 people Latest news

Silica gel is a widely applied and highly popular desiccant utilized in economic and lifestyle applications. Small packets of silica gels are found altogether in various products because silica gel is an effective desiccant -- it soaks up and holds water vapor.

Normally, used in the healthcare and electronics domain and packed in a absorbent or crystalline packaging, silica gel a moisture absorber, is an formless sort of silica with atoms of an irregular framework. Among its other counterparts, silica gel has gained popularity because of its large surface area thus encouraging faster and efficient moisture adsorption and saturation indicating property.

Silica gel is harmless stuff, which is why you discover it in food products. Silica, or (SiO2), is an equivalent stuff found in quartz. The gel form contains many small pores which can adsorb and hold moisture. Silica is really porous sand.

AquaBlue silica desiccant packets contains small beads of silica xerogel—commonly mentioned as silicon dioxide—which help keep moisture away from products, prolonging period of time. Our silica gel have this natural potency to apprise the saturation level by the color conversion.

AquaBlue Silica Desiccant Pouch has the foremost efficient adsorption capacity because it comprises of active colloid with moisture content less than 5% and a high affinity for moisture. It contains no foreign particles which make the contents 99.9% pure.

Packed in most long-lasting and breathable packaging films for stimulated adsorption of moisture, AquaBlue silica pouches are made for divergent uses.

Silica Gel for electronic panel

Silica Gel Desiccant for Automotive Industry

Indicative Orange colloid for hardware and technical equipment

Safe for direct use with food products

Dimeythyl Fumarate Free (DMF) - Non-Toxic

Safe and easy to handle

Dispose with normal industrial waste

Best performance within the market


More absorption with less desiccant

Why Choose AquaBlue Desiccant Silica Gel

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AquaBlue Desiccant silica can soak up about 40 percent of its gravity in moisture and take the ratio of relative humidity in an unopen container right down to about 40 percent. Once concentrated, you can thrust the moisture off and recycle the silica gel by warming it above 300 degrees F (150 C).

AquaBlue Desiccant silica gel is a tasteless, inodorous, non-toxic, non- erosive substance that take in primarily water and other compounds to halt mould and preserve important items.

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