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Manufacturer of Blue Silica Gel in India

December 05, 2021 26 people Latest news

Blue Silica Gel

Blue Silica Gel

Purity 99%
Grade Technical
Usage/Application Electricals Transformer
Packaging Type 25 kg HDPE Bag
Bulk Density 0.55-0.70 g/ml
Packaging Size 24*30 Inch
Physical Form Crystal
Chemical Formula SiO2+H2O+CoCl2
pH Value 5-7
Density 700 gm/liter
Melting Point 1300 C
Appearance Solid
Moisture 5%
Shelf Life 1 Year
Storage Condition Cool & Dry place
Friability 99.5
HS Code 38249025
Sulphate Max 0.5%
Particle Size 1-3 mm,3-4 mm,3-8 mm,5-8 mm,9-16 mm,16-30 mm,30-100 mm
Humidity 34-38
Chloride Max 0.4% as NaCl
Cobalt Min 0.6 as Cobalt chloride
Assay Min 98% as SiO2
PH 4-8
Loss on Drying Up to 6%

We are the manufacturer of Blue Silica Gel in India. It is semi-transparent glassy crystals use for moisture absorbent. It appears dark blue in color. It''s is known as self-indicating Silica gel. As the crystals absorb the moisture, it turns to light blue gradually & and when they turn to pink, it means it is saturated. Its work and requires replacement or regeneration. It is mainly used as the indicator for the extent of dehumidification and moisture absorption in seal vessel or at some require places.


Transformer Breather

Pharmaceuticals Industries

Thermal Power Plants

Electronic Equipment

Gas Drying

Oil Purification

Leather Industries

Air Dehumidifiers

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