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Activated Alumina Ball in Ahmedabad

January 11, 2022 90 people Latest news

Activated Alumina Ball

Activated Alumina Ball

A2 AquaSorb is product comes under activated alumina ball categories. A2 Activated Alumina Ball is formulated from aluminum hydroxide by dehydroxylating process. Furthermore, as result that produce highly porous structure. Due to its high porosity structure it can adsorb more water molecule from air.

Our Al-Aquasorb Activated Alumina Ball is specially formulated by high purity aluminum hydroxide having Al2O3 content more than 94% which will give high adsorption result.

Activated Alumina is use in various industries For Example,

  • As Catalyst in H2O2 Production, Polyethylene Production and as selective adsorption of arsenic, fluoride, sulfur etc.
  • As Desiccant for making Dry Air, Drying of organic liquid, Industrial gas, Natural Gas etc.
  • In Vacuum System it is use to trap oil generated by rotary van pump
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